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Welcome to Five Star J

Well known by veggies worldwide as one the leading vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Thailand

what make us unique

What make us unique?

Tradition meets modern food culture in a light and tasty cuisine. A selection of over 220 dishes from kitchens around the globe makes it easy to find the best fitting dish for your taste.

Our History

Since July 1st 2014 we are well known by Vegans and Vegetarians around the world. The owner, Mrs. Thonglor Sadiang is a strict vegan herself. As an active Daoist it is her intention to serve only healthy food, organic and GMO free.

Everything in the menu is 100% vegetarian. Substitutes like chicken, duck or pork are made of fermented soy protein. Crab meat is made of Konjac roots. Vegan is classified with a J and for Jain people we are able to modify the most dishes.

what make us unique
what make us unique

Our Passion

We guarantee daily-fresh vegetable and fruits and only the best ingredients. Sugar and salt are used very carefully. The best oils – coconut for deep-frying, soy bean for cooking and olive for the salads – guarantee light and healthy dishes. Monosodium glutamate (MSG), sodium benzoate, artificial coloring, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame or trans fats are not to be found in our kitchen. As all our dishes are made fresh, you can select the spice level, shown with one to five chilies, according to your wish

Our Awards

We received a certificate of excellence for 5 years running. This brought us into the “Hall of Fame”. Since five years we are always ranked under the top 5 of all restaurants in Pattaya.

what make us unique


1. From Tukcom, Friendship into soi 18

what make us unique

2. First Turn Left

1. From 3rd road, first sight into soi 18

what make us unique

2. after 60 metres the parking is on the right