About us

The Five Star J Vegetarian Restaurant

For more than 20 years our Restaurant is well known by Vegetarians worldwide. 

With July 1st 2014 Mrs. Thonglor Sadiang overtook and renovated. This renovation also took place in the kitchen. Our chef Khun Lek is very engaged for new dishes to serve very healthy and light food.

Everything in the menu is 100% vegetarian. Substitutes like chicken, duck or pork are made of fermented soy protein. Crab meat is made of Konjac roots. Vegan is classified with a J and for Jain we are able to modify the most dishes.

We guarantee daily-fresh vegetable and fruits and only the best ingredients. White sugar is banned and natural brown cane sugar used very carefully.  The best oils - coconut for deep-frying, soy bean for cooking and olive for the salads - guarantee light and healthy dishes. Monosodium glutamate (MSG), sodium benzoate, artificial colouring, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame or trans fats are not to be found in our kitchen. As all our dishes are made fresh, you can switch the usual spice, shown with one to five chillies, according to your wish.

Pre order, reservation and delivery is organized at our homepage www.fivestarj.com

Free parking you will find opposite to our restaurant behind the Fairrit Center.

Free WIFI. Net: Five Star J Login: fivestar and if your mobile is weak on energy, please feel free to ask for charging cables.

Please don´t be shy to let us know your discomfort or wishes, best directly to our staff or on our website. We will do our best to feel you at home and wish you a very pleasant stay in our house.